The church is not a building, but people. We are an eclectic group of ordinary people who have put our trust in a life changing God. Some people get the wrong idea about church. They think that it is a group of people who see themselves as good and superior to others (that can be very off putting) but rather our church is made up of a group of people who recognise that they could never be good enough to meet the standards of a God who demands perfection.

We recognise that even as Christians we fail to live up to God’s standards and therefore that increases our desire and need for a savior, who we find in Jesus Christ. Because we are trusting in Jesus to save us rather than our own efforts, that then frees us up to serve God out of gratitude for what he has done for us at the cross, rather than trying to earn our way to heaven by our good works wondering if we have ever done enough.

We believe that the bible is the inspired, living Word of God and that it is the means by which God communicates with us. We therefore have a very high view of scripture and that is why bible teaching is such a large part of what we do when we meet together. We believe that Jesus wants everyone to come and find forgiveness in Him. This Good News is so important that we teach it to our children and seek to reach out into our community to share this life changing message with everyone.

If you are interested in hearing more about Downpatrick Presbyterian then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Or simply come along to one of our Sunday Services or to an event we run. Click here to find out what happens in a typical Sunday morning service.

Mostly importantly, know that you will be made very welcome!